New Glove Design Done In Spare Time!

felted sweaters, gloves

felted sweaters, gloves

It’s a mere two weeks until I take off for NYC to do the 42 ride. My bike will be flown out and assembled courtesy of Bushpiglet Noah Gellner (creator of the Tastydirty website and the Cunninghambikes site.
I usually wait to pack the night before travelling, which leaves a dozen days to relax, stay in bed, eat a lot, my usual prep for endurance events.

This leads to two a.m. HOP ouT ofBEDs and ScramBLE doWn the LAdder to ..excavate the clothing pile to reveal the couch rumored to lie below it!

It took an hour of focused sorting .  Pick up a jacket. Think for a little too long how it could be improved with a bit of needlework. Remember that that dwelling and dawdling is what makes un-piling so daunting…return to ruthlessness, my kind of lenient ruthlessness that spares all the clothes from the dumpster or thrift shop and reprieves them to a  purgatory folded patiently in my “Llew room”.

My brother Llew has, like most of us avowed packrodent/junk orphanage operators, an unsorted agglomeration of stuff wedged into rooms at his Berkeley apartment. Double rows of books on haphazard shelves. One can only use this sort of bookshelf if you have x-ray vision  His one loyal friend devoted weekends to taming everything, only to see the work re-buried. Llew is beyond hope, and lives happily under his piles. I hope to get out of the pile habit. Running away for two months is a great start, and gives Charlie a clean house for a while.

I doggedly ‘churn” papers, books, ‘potential projects’ to make a sittable space. Finally, a seven foot long, too-deep,  ugly red leather sofa emerges.  A hand-made Mexican rancho piece that cost its wasteful original owner (a neighbor) at least $3,000 eight years ago. The matching  leather chair & ottoman were also mine for the taking but our house is  720 square feet.  No room for a couch AND a chair..

So now there is an empty, re-liable sofa for two loungers of diminutive  (sub six foot) stature.

Does this kind of jive actually  entertain?
I need a show of Hans.

IMG_0233Here is a detail of the beading on my glove.

JULIE CARTNER would appreciate the spiral design. She’s a Scottish bicycle policy/advocate I met at sswc07 Aviemore.

Just learned that Rapha will be providing a jacket for each rider. Oh my the “Coefficient of  Schwag” will be elevated…


~ by jacquiephelan on June 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “New Glove Design Done In Spare Time!”

  1. I ‘saw’ Julie last night in “Home” at the Bike Week Film Festival

    • Must see that movie then. She’s a delighful person, the kind that people easily befriend.
      How’s the festival goin?

  2. Oh, honey. If you are at all endowed in the womanly way, that Rapha jacket won’t fit.
    (I know. As one who was, ahem, doubly blessed, nothing that Rapha makes fits my torso in any deliberate way.)
    Maybe you can expand the sides with gussets, add shape darts and trim the whole affair in the palest lavender fringe.
    Good luck.

  3. Before you leave, don’t forget the checklist that was taped up by the back door of the Tarzana house when we were growing up:

    – Doors locked?
    – Lizards fettered?
    – God in his heaven?


  4. never doubt your jive
    but be mindful of your shuck

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