Street Scene of The Future

San Anselmo Avenue 2014

San Anselmo Avenue, anno 2014

There will be no asphalt.
Cars will be relegated to the outskirts.

Local produce will be delivered by hand.
Helmets will be optional, since lethal traffic is non-existent.

White pants will still be  risky (from a laundress’ perspective).

Thank you , Alix , for the picture.

It’s about 7 a.m. Alix and I meet on a shockingly, deliciously  sleepy suburban main street.  It feels like the set for High Noon.

Without auto access, few customers are coming to the roastery.

I want to savor the quiet street.

“Normally”, this is the locus of frequent fender-benders, near-misses– 83 year old Alix  was smashed last year by a motorist as she crossed  San Anselmo Avenue to go to a restaurant.

Road rage is routine. And the average speed of the cars? Twelve mph.

Because this three block stretch of San Anselmo Avenue is off limits, CENTER BOULEVARD is a parking lot jammed with pissed off murderists!

I wave to the hundreds in line, finger drumming or phone-talking,  each in their own $3,000 -$30,000 “wheel-chairiot”.

Encounter another rider en route to yoga…we gloat like conspirators, though he believes that we are ‘good roll models’ that will inspire the trapped traffic victims to take up cycling, whereas I believe we look like People In Want of Employment flagrantly sporting our leisure, inspiring them to take us out (in the gang sense of the word).

~ by jacquiephelan on May 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Street Scene of The Future”

  1. Sounds like heaven.

  2. extra cool with a cherry on top to discover you have a blog, Lady J. You look more beautiful than ever and I am excited to read about your escapades! Thank you. Cassi

  3. Hope your prophecy proves true… by 2014? As with many other things in life, if it would ONLY depend on us!!!

    A big hug from Tarragona.

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