That moon up there tonight

moon over fairfax by Gary Leo

moon over fairfax by Gary Leo

It’s biggish, and bright in a very dark sky. Four thirty a.m.the light leaks under the shade, so I creep downstairs to record what I saw.  I can’t take decent pictures of  night sky, and the sky show would have required a movie camera anyhow….

The spring wind blows billows of fog– sloshes them– across that flat navy blue with a waning gibbous moon beaming through it…wait!   There’s a huge,  translucent porpoise arcing past.    A backlit dolphin,     damn, why can’t I do better than this?

(hint: look up a poem by any reasonable poet on the subject of the moon).

And now the glowing pill of moon is getting swallowed by a wide-mouth loch ness style monster…it travels the length of the fog-serpent, pops out the back end of said Snake..

At this point, shivering and uable to decide whether to ride or write, half-clothed, I sit down to think.

Yesterday was a big (as in dense with adventure) day and today and tomorrow promise to be the same. Bad news for book, but great news for the Lone Operator of my Life.

~ by jacquiephelan on April 11, 2009.

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