BIKE RADIO interview!

Just finished a ten minute interview with Dot Wong of Los Angeles…she is part of the Kill Radio project which contributes to the citizen-run KPFA….

BIKE TALK is a two and a half hr show…I’m the last squeaker…ALL the panellists are amazing pedalhead women, one calls herself “Navigatrix”!

Song currently in head by Romeo Void. Wish I could talk to Deborah Lyall…find out what she’s up to now….We’re the same age, and she was a SF punk that played at Mabuhay Gardens a LOT when I was first becoming a bike racer, and transitioning from cute commuter to newbie speedster with very mixd reviews.
Real artists don’t CARE about the damn reviews. Also: real artists seldom call themselves artists. This means I’m a poser!

~ by jacquiephelan on April 11, 2009.

One Response to “BIKE RADIO interview!”

  1. white sweater? DEborah was at SFAI when I was there- what a refreshing character. Never knew you hung out at the Mabuhay either. those were some times…

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