“Shoe Him OUT”

People like me and Patrick O’Grady (Mad Dog Media) have been counting the days since W stole the first election.  With the final countdown in mere hours, I whiled away the moron-ing fabbing a way to shoo the ignominious bastard oot.

Picture a carnival with a Bushian target offering many tries (=cheap shots) to nail his Royal Unrepentfulness.  A helpful bullseye overlay is included for those  who want to keep score.  A little window, a slingshot,  a bucket of shoes (that have trod the dogpoop-rich streets of Marin) and a manure shovel-ready future ex-President.  May he never be heard from again.

(Prediction:  he WILL crash on his mountain bike,  taking down one or two his own security detail. Guess based on past performance.)

It is hoped that Muntathar al Zaidi will be permitted to live, permitted back out of prison, and permitted to claim his rightful place as a hero with an impressive right arm.



~ by jacquiephelan on January 19, 2009.

5 Responses to ““Shoe Him OUT””

  1. Jacquie!

    I am about to post an image on this very topic

    hmmmm… maybe I should throw the image up and then send the link

  2. It shames me to know this guy rides bicycles!

  3. Hooray for giving Bushie the boot (or two). He was such a sneaker around the Constitution, that he should be receiving a stiletto. Of course, he’s been the biggest loafer ever. But we’re happy to finally have a well heeled president. Hopefully he can unclog the mess Bush made.

    Speaking of poop, we’ve been hanging no poop signs around the neighborhood. But I don’t think they’re having much effect. Maybe you have a good idea to catch someone’s eye?

  4. Being a person who lives in Kennebunk Maine and has had to edure so very much through the years, I cannot say I am sad that he is out of office. Hopefully as a mother, I will no longer have to sign permisssion slips for my children to march in parades…..and just possibly the secret service and helicopters will stop scaring our wild life ! Enough became more than enough ! I actually flipped the bird this past summer to a low flying aircraft while enjoying an afternoon swim in our back yard pool ! I do wish him well in his private life and I am ever so happy to have my private life back ! I am a new biker…but…I so look forward to Spring and the trails by the beach I have not yet explored.

  5. So, JP, I’m a bit unclear as to your feelings for Bush… ;o) Here’s to better years ahead for all of us!

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