Wombat Christmas Message

wombatThe ambivalence is killing me!

My inner Scrooge is kindled by all the illuminated,  inflatable Santas, reindeer, plastic puffy trees, faux north poles, etc gassing away, the sound of the motors taking over where dog barking left off.

Cold nights are more  quiet because dogs are hauled in from ” decibel duty”.

On the other hand, lights strung up–even the over-the-top full house coverage  ones–brighten my mood.

But to really kick my child-heart into Christmas gear, I have to hear Calypso Christmas, a production of a college men’s chorus in the mid-1950’s.   We played that album until the grooves were so huge the needle bounced  around in ’em.

Not everyone in the household is as fond of this peppy alternative musical tradition as I. Hence a furtive pre-dawn scoot down to the house for a listen before CC ‘calmdescendingly” raises an eyebrow at my twelfth re-playing of “Christmas present for Sallie“.

One other ritual clinches the season: the  Kay R. Christmas brain teaser.

For years Kay Ryan has drawn rebus-y holiday note cards, the best being last year’s “fork-hauling birds”.

My repartee:  an owl teaching two idiotic doves, i.e. ‘tutor dull doves‘…shame the iambic lilt isn’t there.

I think I have the right RHYTHM, as well as the embedded rebus.

See if you can guess it.

~ by jacquiephelan on December 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wombat Christmas Message”

  1. We spent most of Chanukah listening to a new CD called “Songs in the Key of Chanukah”, produced by Erran Baron Cohen (brother of actor Sasha) . Eight days and nights of this disc and I’m ready to put it away for awhile, but it sure went into Heavy Rotation at our house, and made the holiday more relevant and fantastic for us. Sometimes music has the ability to hold sway over the emotions we really need at a particular moment, and bring them out in good ways so we can move forward in the best way possible. And we need music in this way and ANY age. Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year Jacquie!!

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