Snow on Tam

Never did make it up on the two days snow was ‘deep’ (six inches in places)

But yesterday  I rode up to North Side Trail, stashed bike and jogged…I caught a glimpse of a tiny patch of snow, and tasted it. Snow still carries that metallic flavor I remember from snow-munching in bygone years.

Glad to have gotten free during a brief bit of cold dry spell, as the clouds had been drawing their breath for a real sob session that evening.

It arrived as sleet, falling on illuminated water as I churned away my cares at the new outdoor Olympic pool a mile from home.

Here’s evidence of the micro-snow patch.

snow-little-patchSolstice approacheth, and a very dreich weekend is expected.

~ by jacquiephelan on December 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Snow on Tam”

  1. I can’t control the damn pix. So you get two orientations. One with the trees correct (this is the ‘right’ one) and one with the grass pointing ‘up’…(I can’t delete it! argh. sorry.

  2. Olympic outdoor pool? That’s 50 meters un-interrupted, and heated? Tell me it’s saline too (and free)and I will be packing the family and back to the County! Churn away!

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