What are black and white and dread all over?

Unbothered by a little dirt

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Komondorok and Pulik… two  Hungarian breeds whose signature ‘do is dreadlocked ringlets, which insulate against both sun, wind,  and cold. Not to mention tooth of wolf.

Puli, Komondor are the singular, but I dig the fact that their plural is “ik” and “ok”.

This Komondor is  is very fine and very big, as is that old Hungarian farm barn door behind her.
Stop the press. Just learned the Italians  have one, too.. it’s brown, and its name: Bergamasco.

~ by jacquiephelan on December 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “What are black and white and dread all over?”

  1. How can there be no comments on rasta mon dog!

  2. Well, okay, I’ll bite. Get it??
    The Komondor is a livestock guarding breed. They are very, very large, independent and tend to take a wary view of everyone and everything “not family”. Shaved down, they look like huge Standard Poodles. When in full cords they are rarely bathed as it takes days for the coat to dry. If it does not dry completely they smell like old laundry you forgot about in the washer. P. U.
    I know owners who have found the occasional snake in their dog’s cords, though sticks and dirt are much more common.
    Now, the Puli is a herding breed. You see them in agility competitions quite a bit. This guy has a set of really badly maintained cords. They are more like mats. When they are not maintained they tend to wad up under the armpits and make it painful and difficult to walk.
    Okay, now Jacquie I have given you PLENTY of openings for funny repartee.
    Yur welcome.

    • Hope we can get together and look at dogs at a show, Lynne.
      Yesterday I found a scorpion in my shirt, and I PRAY I didn’t pick it up from yesterday’s ride.
      It stung me on the finger (nothing to speak of. My nettle-gathering is more painful) but oh, when I saw the thing, I SHRiEKED!

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