Frozen Springtime


The violets on the sagging back wall are blooming three months early.

Spring birds–don’t know which–are singing way too early.

And last night thick frost.

“Time to encase the house in bubble wrap” Charlie said brightly, pulling out a thirty pound roll of reflective plastic sheeting.

An hour later, all the heat from the woodstove was bouncing off the (even lower) ceiling.  We’ll use half the fuel now, and our main room will look even more aluminiumish.

“Emergency chic” is the only descriptor I can think of.

Meanwhile, in the batroom the thermometer reads 54 degrees Fahrencold.


~ by jacquiephelan on December 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “Frozen Springtime”

  1. yup… It’s cold and I need to find me some CC ear warmers for my helmet.
    Happy Birthday Eve!

  2. Per molts anys, Jacquie! Many happy returns of the day!

    Here it’s cold, too… 😀

  3. Happy Birthday:)

  4. Happy Birthday Jacquie – pamper yourself and stay warm

  5. Too bad the cold couldn’t have waited a day so that you could have violets and birds singing on your birthday. Regardless, have a happy one!

  6. It’s 34 degrees outside! And I can blowdry my hair through the holes in the doors. I need to wrap too!

  7. Happy Birthday! Our old house was wood heat and passive solar (didn’t work here). Sometimes it would be in the ’40s in the morning in the winter becaust the stoves wouldn’t keep a fire going all through the night. Brrr. Suggestions: huddle or take a hot shower/bath.

  8. 54 FarenHOT, Jacquie. Remember your freezing pals in Switzerland.

    Olivier 😉

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