Sunflower Express

sunflower-biker-1900-russian1Charlie’s mom needed a drive to the doc, giving Charlie and I a chance to break away from our respective routines: him in the shop “making”…and me at the computer “faking”.

He drove her TO the dentist, then pedaled home.    I rode to the doc’s and chauffeured her back to Toad Hall, where she showed me her completed, silk-bound bilbliography. In 45 years of book art, she’s made three bibliographies, each more impressive than the last.

You can google her under the imprint ” Sunflower Press”.

This photo makes me think of her.  What a fine brown/red sunflower this Russian gal’s appended to her bars.
Floral handlebars rock! Fresh whenever you can get them.  I’m glad this was considered de rigueur for the ladies of  the wheel back in the golden era.

P.S. Speaking of old ladies…here’s a four minute paean to peace that (birthday) suits me.

(photo courtesy of Josefnovak33)

~ by jacquiephelan on November 7, 2008.

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  1. Her books look absolutely delightful!

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