This morning when we woke up, we sprang out of bed with the glee of someone who knows that “big Pharm” (aceutical companies) will suffer economic loss as the giant collective sadness  lifts….a.Huge celebrating here in Fairfax. People whooping and hollering, sounding their noisemakers.  Jubilation at a real American leader.  We are audaciously hopeful here in little ol’ Fairfax. Meanwhile, I toil at the keyboard trying to think clearly.    My blogs are too long according to some of yuz.   Must learn to keep ’em to 300 words.

Hallelujia for OBAMA!

First, Big Pharm down the toilet.
Next, for-profit health care.

Then…the infernal combustion engine.
Makes me think of Leo Cohen’s song, First we take Manhattan,

The velorution rolls on.

~ by jacquiephelan on November 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “OBAMA AMABILE”

  1. Globs too long? says who(m)?

    What results? What polls?

    Here’s a vote for Jacqulicious fulfillments.
    Glob all ya like. Word counts are for
    editors, not writers.

  2. sleep bikes by moonlight… hehehe.

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