Thursday night ritual

Playing old timey music with the neighbors. While a debate plays on the telly…half the country’s transfixed by the prom-queen vs. politico debate. I’m trans-broken…and seeking succor (is it legitimate to use that word?) in something very old and familiar and true.

Chez Molly and Larry, where the music is ever so reliable, the faces oh-so-familiar, and the stacks of books always a-changing (this time it’s “White Teeth” (Zadie Smith), “Confederacy of Dunces” (John Kennedy Toole) and piles of great magazines).

I brought a little felted garment for Liam the artistic 8 year old always crayoning in the corner, having an enviably pleasant childhood.  Shot some pix, just to remind me it’s not just a dream. That, now, a year after beginning to share a somewhat disorganized but pleasant, warm, and delicious life crafted from the scraps of wreckage I left more than 30 years ago.

Here then are some snips of this evening, and a promise to deliver you  a “thrillogy” by..oh…June 09.

~ by jacquiephelan on October 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thursday night ritual”

  1. I always admire your facility with words and choice of well-turned phrase. “Enviably pleasant childhood”, and “pleasant, warm and delicious life” carry a lot of emotion and say so much with so few words. I do worry though that you are feeling trans-broken and in need of succor. Hope things turn-around for you and that you have a delightful weekend Jacquie.

  2. I believe that IS correct usage of the word “succor”. Looks like good fun.. lots of merry can be made with that many instruments! How’s the book coming along?

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