No Calorie Left Behind

Handle these with utmost care!

Handle these with utmost care!

Please direct your attention to the Salivation Army blog buried within this url…Whereas I think I’m going to try to write more book and less blether I realize there is a pattern I’ve begun–based on the (possibly mistaken) assumption that one person’s life has a certain readability to it…maybe even a story line!  Plus,  the way I do things inevitably entertains/shreducates/appalls.

Here, then, is what I spent an hour confabbing: a snack I named Snowy Bollocks, for obvious raisins…

~ by jacquiephelan on September 13, 2008.

One Response to “No Calorie Left Behind”

  1. Snowy Bullocks indeed.. Snoop Dogg’s “DEEZ NUTS” skit on the DoggyStyle album came immediately to mind for me.

    How bout a rabble rousing round of “She’s got his whole world in her hands?”

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself… I think I’m on a roll (OH!).

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