Troll Power

It’s 9-9.  I have several things to think about, but I was trawling the web and found Kenny Lamont’s lucky mojo.

Had to have it.  In a few more days, my blog will have reached the one year mark, and sixty five of you will have read it each a thousand times, how kind!!
Thank you for being reader/riders/rithmaticians…if you want me to go at this for longer, let me know. Otherwise I’m’a take a break to get the book done.

Don’t forget me, though.

This should be the mascot of Marin County, where cycling's a crime.
This should be the mascot of Marin County Open Space

~ by jacquiephelan on September 10, 2008.

9 Responses to “Troll Power”

  1. I just found you and I love reading your writing….so selfishly I would say “don’t stop”….but on the other hand if you need to focus on your book than that is what you need to do.

  2. Keep writing, please.
    Okay, PRETTY Please with whipped cream, Bing cherries and nuts on top.

  3. Frequent short bloggages vs full-length wombat-tome sitting on my bookshelf, hmmm… I’d say get crackin’ on that book, but drop us a few pearls of ‘net wisdom from time to time just so we know you’re still alive. And congratulations on your anniversary!

    Lastly- Where could I get one of those mojos?!

  4. I agree w/Kali. Get yer work done, but come have virtual tea with us dear readers whenever you can.

  5. I have the same sort of problem: Get to work or check for the umpty-billionth time (this morning) to see if Jacquie has posted something else. Then repeat again in the afternoon.

    A book would be cool, too! Although I didn’t know that you were working on a book… What will it be about? 🙂

  6. FABULOUS ME!! what else do I know? Oh, yah. How to ride. That too. (Book # 1 ia how to ride, emphasis on fun, steering clear of hospittles.

  7. are you kidding? stop? no Please! HELP… HELP! someone stop her from stopping!

  8. I for one would really miss your musings Jacquie, if you can track visits you know how often I stop by! Would stopping the blog really help you do the book? Honestly? We love hearing from you, please keep writing. Thanks!

  9. I hope you continue to write both here and books. I started reading your blog a while back both the cycling and food. It has been wonderful reading about both and the pictures are great. I like others are living vicariosly through you as we are not as free spirited. But, I am working on it and find you to be both inspiring and uplifting to my soul. Thanks for writing and I would greatly appreciate if you continue.

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