Unmitigated Gal

Fashion Outlaw Captured On Film. (News at eleven)

For the last quarter century my alter ego Alice B. Toeclips flew undetected by (American)  cycle fashion’s clueless radar.

Finally the sport has caught up with her mudjesty the queen of the muddy dominion.

The polka-dot rider was spotted (ahem) in a three piece suit racing SSWC 08 in sunny Napa, Callifornia. Many of the  four hundred weirdly outfitted competitors zoomed past  with admiring commentary. Spectators registered their approval of both a flowing riding style and that wombat sartorial flair. Maintaning STYLE is akin to issuing a (wo)manifeso….being fashionable is  like signing a petition.

As far as originality goes, Naked has been done to death. (Sure hope it keeps being done, too!)

Rock ‘n roll photographer Anne Cutler  pinned “Alice” down for a few fine Fairfax afternoons.

So   YOU can have your own pin-up girl in twelve unforgettable outfits. Remember to shop early and often, although Lulu can print and ship as late as December 10 to get it to you for Christmas/Winter Solstice/Hogmanay. UK holidaysa and USA ones are included…as well as full moons (the lunar ones).

Up against the wall!

~ by jacquiephelan on August 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Unmitigated Gal”

  1. hey jaquie! awesome picture. i have a habit of climbing hills in formalwear myself, though i tend more to the tux than the gown…

  2. I just ordered mine. Gotta be ready for 2009. (Oh my, didn’t mean to do that….) While all the photos are good, there are a few that I really love, kilted banjo player, tea party and on the dam(?) in particular.

  3. You make me want to be more unmitigated!

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