Still Connected To Scotland

Looking at the world (in this case, Aran Island, Scotland) through rose-tinted, cow-spotted 25 yr old Oakley frogskins

Edinburgher Anthony Robson just notified me that I’ve got a feature piece in his latest issue #38 of CityCycling UK.

A few years ago, I’d I written a letter to the American trade publication Bicycle Retailer & Industry News (aka BRAIN) about how maybe Giant DIDN’T really introduce the ‘compact geometry’ in 1998.

I allowed that Charlie (the guy asleep upstairs in the treehouse) might have done it fifteen years earlier.

My slope-tubed road bike received a surprisingly hostile reception back in 1984, the first year women were permitted to race bicycles in the Olympic Games (which were conveniently being held in my home town, L.A. Calif).

I was training madly to qualify for the US Team that spring, in Texas, with the best riders in the states (plus a few Czechs who’d somehow gotten over for warm-weather practice. March in Austin is marvellously warm most years). You have already read the story in “Cunntributions to the Art”.

If not, click on the above bit for a good a read/ it’s way nicer looking than this blog!
The rest of this online magazine is wonderful, too. Reading it will put you squarely in the UK’s most progressive bicycle city, “Eden Burrow”.

CityCycling’s motto: “No matter what you ride, as long as you do”

Cheers 2 U o Scottish Cycling Brother/Sisterhood. See some of you in three weeks at SSWC 08, the rest of you in May 09.

~ by jacquiephelan on August 1, 2008.

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  1. Hey Jacquie, that’s a fabulous first article. I hope to see many more from you on Congratulations!

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