Marin County Mountain Rendezvous

View from the deck of the inn. Trees frame a southern view of Marin, SF, Oakland

It has come to my attention that people are dying to come to the “Mount Tam BIcycle Bed ‘N Breakfast (and lunch and dinner) up at WEST POINT INN, just above Mill Valley in Marin County. But they want specifics…
There are two sessions

I. (4 day Aug 13-16, WED THROUGH SATURDAY)

II. 3 day, 2 night, August 26-28 (TUESDAY THROUGH THURSDAY, ie. mid-week)

SSWC08 –which is being held in Napa–is a mere three hours away by bike+car. Remember, this inn can only be reached by human power.

IF you only want to do a single night, cost is $130 per person.
You can’t make up your mind?

Would LOVE to go but…??
Nah, I understand. We’re all slow to commit. Something better might come up.

I do it all the time.

The first one, the four-day “STAY-Cation” (i.e. don’t leave the County, you locals) is only 2 weeks away… I want you there. Now I’ve said it. Picture a queen on (slightly) bended knee, playing role-reversal with her subjects, requesting their presence in this unique opportunity to hang out in a WICKED PRICELESS, barely-known but very very venerated HOTEL with little old me.

Do I detect a few eyes seeking the exit?
Am I not being subtle?
Is your summer already fully booked?
I understand.

Just get yr buns up there, and don’t forget sheets and a flashlight.

Relive the magic of 8-8-88, where two frightened bikers promised not to drop one another in the long, profoundly technical double track known as…”mudrimony”. That’s right.. Charlie and I had our ‘welding’ up there…and hey, miracle of miracles he still endures my bad puns, overweaning vanity and hellacious flatulence.

Am I saying too much?
That last thing?
Oh, all right. I promise to stay in my own cabin…and as long as I don’t have ice cream, all will be well.

More verbiage?

Well, you can send checks to Box 757 Fairfax CA 94978 as long as they arrive the 9th and the 22nd respectively (planning, shopping etc). I need food restrictions

Menu and Itinerary
Scattered arrival time means an afternoon long reunion…raid kitchen fridges, check room assignments, stash stuff, and search for chore list, sign up for one chore– yes, just like a hostel, only more picky.
12:00 day ONE
lunch (Jacquie on kitchen duty most of the day)
Lavosh sandwiches with feta and herbs
Calistoga soda and Sierra Nevada pale ale from our back fridges (help yourself, it’s all ours)

Check out the deck out front!

For four sunny days, the mountain is your home for four days. This inn is your ‘vacation cabin’!

3:00 Snack: Jacquie’s patented shredder cheese and tortilla chips, salsa

4-5:30 Musical moment on porch

6:00 Dinner
Choice of Wombat soup: Fresh tomato or
Creamy fennel & ginger
Milan style risotto with mushroom sauce
Sourdough bread

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Cheesecake with lime glop on top
8:30 KP (everyone does five min at the sink!), dry &put dishes away leaving empty rack
Aperetifs , music, story hour, reading til bed.
(JP or other Inn member turns on the gas lights & shut them off)

Day #2
Dawn: go jogging (joke alert)
8-9:30 breakfast : cereal, bread, butter, fruit, strange veggie “Vruit”juice that will facsinate the novelty-seeking grown ups. OJ for traditionalists
Coffee, tea
(Leave front door LOCKED until eleven. Use side doors to get to decks, to prevent accidental entry by lemonade seekers who are early. We don’t sell before eleven or after five)
10-11:30 Paint a picture of the inn, it’s a tradition! Watercolors, crayons, anything….*(another joke: you ‘ll be out riding, hiking or just lazing)

Noon lunch (you make and pack along with you wherever you go –if you go)

MORE sandwiches (do them yrself, we’ll lay out the ingreds if you help put ’em back) PB, cheese, lettuce, mustard, eggplant, on assorted sliced bread
drinks (help yourself to coolers)

7:00 Dinner:
Hors d’ouvre: stuffed dates, crackers, cheese
Salad, garlic bread
Pasta with two types of tomato sauce, veggie and carny. Roasted vegetables.
Dessert a la Laurel…I think
9:00 clean up
9:30 music til the wee hours, no, not really. Banjo til the wee hours.
Day #3 breakfast
French toast, and the usual other amenties
Pack a lunch
Dinner (final night) Roast Beast, plus vegan risotto, summer vegetable ratatouille
Big choco cake
Final breakfast and big clean up
Force primeval bars (basically a mitochondria-shaped bagel) toasted or raw, with butter and
killer goo: a spread made of date syrup, honey and cream cheese
fruit, juice, coffee tea
The final clean up (see list you signed) is the most important. We have to achieve perfection.
Day four (first session is four days) same as above.
Cost for this package: 500 per person, non-refundable for the first one, 400 for the second.
Does not include transportation to Inn
No smoking, no candles are permitted anywhere near the inn. This means ‘brownies” only, or you take a ten minute ride to light up….failure to honor this means loss of lifetime membership at Inn for JP.
No dogs (not that you’d bring yours)…no radios . Available instruments: banjo and piano.

Checks go to Jacquie Phelan Box 757 Fairfax CA 94978 USA

Single night stay? Please haggle with JP. Cost: 150,
Where else will you find such a deal?
Answer: nowhere.

TEA?COFFEE person?
SPOUSE COMING? The cost is per person and includes food and lodging but not transpo.
You ride up under your own power.
There are only 2 rooms that can be called “single’. We can accomodate ten to twelve people.
There are five cabins, each sleeps three , the lodge sleeps another ten or so.

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  1. It’s not like I can’t deliver witty repartee. I want to know how to get people to pay money to sit at MY feet, basking in my coolness. This may be a growth industry.

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