And somehow, WordPress let me do it without any punishment…READERS please let me know if you will read me even when it’s black letters on white non-paper. VOTE EARLY and OFTEN.

READ MY CRAP. I am trying to get my book in gear an’ I respond well to the whip.

Oh, and if you want to read non-crap ABOUT fabulous me, try the current Women’s Adventure Magazine (July/Aug issue ).

The story is called Trailblazers, and it isn’t about coats.

I am touched that the author remembered me. Bear in mind, I am still either

a) not a sell-out,


b) sponsor-proof

Hats off to MC O’Connor for including me in the piece.
Ahem, are you done vaunting, Ms P?


If any of you can help with image flipping or changing that one at the top, lemme know.

PS. Not getting any yay or nays about the changement de theme….it’s Monday, you’re at work…write!

~ by jacquiephelan on July 28, 2008.


  1. I’ve been reading your crap for a couple of months now and you’re well on your way to becoming one of my heroes (or do you prefer heroines?), so I’d be very interested in a book from you. What is said tome intended to be about?

  2. I read everything I can get my hands on, both by and about you. Don’t spare the whip eh? Flog on, now back to work. I really like the new picture of Charlie in the shop. I note several nice pictures of someone special in various places in the shop.

  3. my book is a moi-moir about fabulous me…but then there is this not-finished HOW TO that I er, have to finish…AUGH.

  4. my eyes say thank you


    mucho besser

    as to the rotate-y thing…
    rotate and crop pre-uploading (i use irfanview loads wicked fast and works flawlessly) but me and wordpress are not terribly well acquainted.

  5. Big thumbs up for you coming over to the light side. Yours and Large Fella on a Bike’s were the only blogs that I’d struggle through reading in the god-awful dark color schemes.

  6. I agree. Nice and light.

    Send me images and I will rotate them for you. lets you upload and rotate images for free, but the loady-loady is a pain (not a “piano” as I first typed).

    Do you want to change out the top image for one that relates to you? I’ve done that a couple times on WordPress, and it’s fairly easy. At first I thought you wanted that image flipped…

  7. Hmm, well I kinda liked the Darth Vader look but I guess I can get used to this gleaming whiteness in time. If I squint my eyes maybe it’ll look like Heaven. ‘Cept that there are rarely animals in your pictures so it can’t be Valhalla, now can it?
    I was “there” in 1981 and no, Gary Fisher did not wear natty rags.
    A book, eh? I’d buy it. I think I had a slightly different take on the things we both did way back then, which makes it all the more interesting because what is more interesting, really, than a different perspective? If I wanted my perspective, I’d talk to myself, after all.

  8. I like the light look. Darth knows that I love him anyway.

  9. Your new look reminds me of the NY Times Headlines that gets emailed to me every morning.
    Your new look is easier to read, but so vanilla. Not the as distinctly JP as before

  10. I enjoy reading what you write, but I enjoyed it more when the back ground was dark and the letters light…

  11. Thank you. I started wearing bifocals last year and dark blogs became my bane.

    Nice kitty! Whoozzat?

  12. Argh! Go back to the Dark Side! Luke was a wuss! Seriously dude this is like totally freaking me out here.

    Watch out for your debut in citycycling on Friday Jacquie!

  13. who is “Luke”?
    And..why is THIS SUBJECT/BLOG the hottest (response-wise) of all my literary nuggets?
    OK. I say we keep everyone happy and some Computer Whiz helps out…by installing a button on the BLACK blog that says “See this differently: black letters on white background’ that way everyone’s happy. IS THIS POSS> with wordpress?
    (I.e. Reader control of ‘theme’ at their end?)
    Chris Hill where are you>?

  14. I love your blog, as you know. I have a hard time reading white print on a dark background. I don’t give your blog the full attention it deserves. Boo.

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