The great Joshua speaks

Whenever Josh Thayer drops by, we put him to work!!

Josh is now 30ish, but Charlie and I met him and his pal Paul on a gray New Year’s Day, 1993. Charlie noticed some helmeted riders circling in the street below us, and when I went to open the door, there was a teenager standing at the door.
“Is this the house of JP and CC?” he inquired politely.
” I wasn’t sure….we knew the neighborhood but not the house. We would like to interview you for a story in our magazine Strange Chicken“.
“Sure–come out to the Airstream of Consciousness. ..I’ll make us some tea…”
And thus did celebrity stalkers Paul Walker and Josh Thayer enter our lives.

Several months later a black & white folded and stapled zine arrived (see above).

Fast forward fifteen (ulp) years. No longer is Josh a ‘fledgling’. He’s soaring, whirling, having a life, oh god, thank you for dropping those guys on our porch. Now Charlie and I won’t wither unnoticed….

And like every parent…we had chores for him…

“HELP WITH THE ^%^&%&%&!!? images on WordPress. I can’t tip them over (so you have to tilt computer)…

At which Josh cheerfully tackled the keyboard until I begged him to limit his time. Like. Ten minutes.
Ciao cruel cycberworld.

Its cold and empty

It's cold and empty

~ by jacquiephelan on July 27, 2008.

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