Skinking up The Kitchen

It’s barely news but in the interest in giving reader/riders a break from … the tedium (or joy) of reading 1,400 words in a single painful bolus of verbiage, I figured: “show ’em a picture. It’s worth a thou'” Thus, HERE is what was on the kitchen counter this morning as I made some tea…

I tiptoed out to get the camera, and snicked a couple of shots and then had to tap the counter to make it turn around (their movement is flowy like water).  Phelan blue anyway.

~ by jacquiephelan on July 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Skinking up The Kitchen”

  1. jacquie, what is pink salt? i get smoked salt here in edinburgh – but maybe i want pink salt, too!!! and what a gorgeous skink tail. i’d like a tail if only it could be blue just like that one.

  2. We have skinks all over the Smokies, too!

  3. 2nd that medici if I had tail it would be that colour. Actually I think my cat would be improved with a blue tail …. opens desk drawer pulls out tube of Prussian Blue wanders off to find paint brush………….

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