Lubeck rumble round

Stunnning town gate

Stunnning town gate

GO ahead and be jealous…my VERY generous hosts wanted to take me shopping this we walked westward from their little apt, and through some police lines (big soccer game today) to the…mall! Gasp… a morning at a typisch German grocery store and a pet shop getting a “third husband” for their little female canary.

Then on a hunch (it is my last whole day in Germany) I headed east, and across the Wakenitz river… I have spent all but two training in Kassel, a historically significant, seriously “erased” cultural center, owing to the munitions and rail connections.

Lubeck on the other hand, might have had some Allied music fans or something…it still has tons of bone jarring cobbled streets, dozens of copper spires…and precisely one Afro hair shop, where I spent a couple hours jiving politics with a friendly, and enthusiastically clueless (but creative) Zimbabwean woman…getting my tressed oiled and twisted.

lt good having her yank away at the jumbled mess that is my coiffure. Charlie, that church was a mind might be worth googling…it has stories galore…the one about the devil helping build it because he thought it was gonna be a tavern, and the one (true) about how bombing ruined the towers but the restoration uncovered painted walls from the 1500’s that had been whitewashed for centuries…wartime bonus!—————–took about a dozen pictures, there are also tons of Totentanz images…skeletons prancing about, must learn more…and the church is filled with tourists.

Meanwhile outside, slumped on the brick walled cloister sit a half dozen Goth punks withtheir black outfits, metal studded belts and pierced everything…and three of them were actually performing a spontaneous tongue piercing! – A little something extra to remember…when I emerged from Marienkirche, they were there,maybe one or two more…and the pudgy victim’s chin was thinly smeared with blood…


nice to be old, I tell you. My hairdresser had never dressed hair and a steady stream of drunken black men came through to use the toilet…it wasn’t a beaty shop per se, more of a place to get products, lotions, creams, emolients, beers from the secret stash, etc… She was a lovely woman, I mean it .

The streets are now (game long over) ringing with the bellowy roar of drunken youths… there are of course sirens now and then (fights)..but one of the strangest things is that it is perfectly legal to wander the streets drinking from a beer bottle. At least it seems strange to me, and must affect children in a negative way, eh?

~ by jacquiephelan on May 24, 2008.

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