A nother tranquil day

This first step in my two month trip has been to cement my ties to Favorite Family Members, the old ones–Po the ur-wombat expat and her partner Mo, the brothers V. and their wonderful families as well as develop the new ones (C. Schager and J. Herzog) that will see me into old age.

A recurring theme here in Switzerland (literally: “sweaty country”) is how often you see white haired people all over the place, walking (very slowly sometimes) mostly, though sometimes, well once anyway I saw a little motor-cart for nonwalking person.

“This would be a great place to grow old and and still get to be in the game” I told myself. “I don’t see people pounding the steering wheel in frustration”.

Of course there might be no better country than this for density of easily accessible public transit, and depth/variety of schedule options.

Verily it would be cool to putz around in the garden here…and I wouldna mind the snow I assure you…but the strangeness, the language, and about six other things (like having a perfect life in Fairfax) prevent that special mate from tearing up roots and moving.

Thus: this trip’s my gift to myself. I have barely unpacked it.

~ by jacquiephelan on May 14, 2008.

One Response to “A nother tranquil day”

  1. Hey J. Enjoy unpacking your presence. And your perfect life in Fairfax. 🙂 Po

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