2008 You’re A Peon World Tour!

Lady Devorgilla Wept Here

Lady Devorgilla Wept Here

It’s official.

I’ve bought the ticket yesterday and am feeling the nausea/elation of clicking on the ‘purchase’ button (for someone who nearly never shops, this is somewhat huge) for a thousand dollar ticket.
That is ten percent of my…annual worth.

Visiting my favorite corners of the world (outside this little nook in Fairfax Calif) – Europe.

I’ll be collecting capital cities: London, Paris and Edinburgh – and maybe even Bern. Meeting the people – old friends and new. Long before my first airplane trip (at fifteen) I saw Europe through the eyes of the great M. Sasek, who wrote and illustrated over a dozen classic kid’s travel books.
There is a bicycle trail connecting the countries of the former Iron Curtain, and I’ll be researching parts of that trail for my 2009 ride the length (4,500 miles from Turkey to Finland)…details to follow…

On the way I’ll appear at the Edinburgh Bike Film Festival, take part in Bike Week, teach cycling skills to children and adults, write and research for more writing when I return.

I’m also angling for a couple of invites to National radio shows…Women’s Hour in prtickler.

~ by jacquiephelan on April 10, 2008.

One Response to “2008 You’re A Peon World Tour!”

  1. How cool! When are you going? Where are you starting out? (Maybe you can visit Miranda in Oxford.) Can’t wait to hear more about the bike trail and your 2009 Turkey to Finland ride. Keep me posted on that! Sounds like a grand adventure. Maybe just what I’ll be craving when I’m 58. Can friends tag along?

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