Finally an explanation I can understand


For why we have sexist (and sexy-to-hetero men) advertising.
A study!!!
In the kind of language that does for me what speaking Morticia’s dubious French does to Gomez Addams…pant pant..ooh, scientific talk that I can only just barely follow…ooh…(see earlier Sapolsky blog).
Burt Hoovis (“Lance Armstrong Doped”) are u listenin’?
OK< Still can’t get images up…
But at least I can post this…. For the lay reader, there’s this fine translation from Seth Borenstein.
And wish me luck tonight: I address a crowd (OK, six people whom I personally begged to come) at Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz thanks to Keith and LindaJean Cranmer, artist/sponsors who liked what they heard in Berkeley at Velosport last month…

~ by jacquiephelan on April 6, 2008.

One Response to “Finally an explanation I can understand”

  1. Helloooooo, you left a comment on my now ignored douche blog. Thanks! Of course we can be pun pals. Frankly, I insist.

    Like your photos!

    (my new blog is “”. It’s sports but I make it funny.)

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