Shangri-la in our own back yard

Fairfax Town & Country Club has fascinated me since I first wandered in there, after living here for a decade…like everyone else on the bike path connecting the Ross Valley towns, I scooted past the entrance clueless about what I was missing.
Spent a few minutes enjoying the peaceful surrroundings (I was hunting for a certain friend, not home, so I took pix)…if you click on those bright white words above, you’ll be able to get a way better look at the place…
I truly wish Mr. Williams (as in Robin) or some such Dude of Scary Means would just endow the place, and let it become it’s own little syndicated magic fiefdom…a Scotswoman named Leslie Ridddoch did it for the Isle of Something off of Scotland…we should find our own champion to prevent the place from being wrecked.
(I am sure the forty-odd residents would love it to remain pristine and uncommercialized)…

~ by jacquiephelan on April 1, 2008.

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