Early Easter

And A late post!

Alan Reynolds, bodyworker extraordinaire, called to say he was tending West Pt. Inn…and would I like to come up and play some banjo? I got on the bike fully loaded (toothbrush, food, dry teeshirt) and bounced slowly up El Drudge Grade.

All that wonderful January fitness is down the pipes.

Felt antique, rusted, as the legs made squarish laborious revs…

There would be a moon up at nine or so…I had two hours to get up, did it with significant sweat.

Two happy groups packed the place..and at Innkeeper’s quarters I listened to AR’s latest Cool Thing–CELLO. He also reminded me that Michael Franti is great (musician): you can bomb the world to pieces, but you can’t bomb the world to peace.

That was big in the pre-war year, too, 2002 when I rode up Tam daily for the Fire Lookout job.

Got room 5 to myself–a goodie: it looked out over the sparkling bay with that huge stripe of Moonbeam glistering up from the water.

And was dead to the world by ten.

Six a.m. motorcycle rumor woke me, and I realized it was the annual Easter/Equinoctal Rumble up Tam…I was into my shoes, up the hill without even a drop of tea.

Got to the top and about 600 motorcyclists, three autoists and precisely one wombat convened…I went to Sunrise point, where a minority (about fifty) hardy guys in leathers had walked (I guess they are spoiled and rarely amble any further than between kickstand and saloon door)….

Ken Eichstaedt was there…I ‘d hoped to see him, since he was the guy who first tried to drag me up there about ten years ago, nah..twelve years ago..in the Chris /Moonter era…we rode from four a.m, and of course I couldn’t touch Ken’s manic pace…fell to the rear and was reet grouchy about it…(I can be that way, sorry. I like thinking I’m fast. To me, my speed–what ever it is–feels phast. Being reminded it isn’t, hurts.)

He poured me a wee dram of Old Memphramagoig or something.

Funny little green termos with four mega-elegant jiggerettes.

None of his two confreres would touch it. Too early?

As I bombed back down to the inn and breakfast, I promist myself I’d rent the entire place August, about a week before the SSWC 08, for three trail-and-gourmet food filled days…to those organized enough to actually send checks by May 1st (amount: 300 for three days, three nights, and all food included, and beer. But not wine, and special hauling arrangements are separate….since it’s a pedal-in hotel, 1904 vintage…

Who’s game?

~ by jacquiephelan on March 24, 2008.

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