Dedicated Follower of Trashin’

Dear Reader/Riders
It is a fact universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of too many clothes, banjos, books and Cool Scraps of Paper is in want of a burglar.

Topographically, my habitat resembles a teenager’s bedroom. The kind of room you climb through, rather than walk across.
Tripping is a daily hazard, and yet…I put off the big Clean-a-thon for fear I’ll need JUST THAT THING, the day after i’ve brought it to the Salvation Army thrift shop.
I kid myself that I’m housing the Objets Trouves out of respect for the Items but in truth, it is merely that I feel sorry for them.
Since I never sort things, can’t throw them out, they remain abandoned.
Boxed up and forgotten, or left around in plain sight to inspire me to ‘do something with’ them…they continue to be L’Austin Found.
Rescued from the wind and rain, my ‘orphans’ are still un-homed, still in Purgatory.
Perhaps a nice burglar will come along and remove some of it?

There is of course a much more creative solution: re-purpose the clothes and get them out into public view (i.e. a fashion show) and MOVE THEM back onto human bodies…
(Sounds like hard work..)
Two of the things are bicycles. One a kid’s bike, one a grown up.
I KNOW: I can drag, er… trailer them down to Trips For Kids!
Squeaking of which…(year of the rat coming up, too), Marilyn’s having
Bruise, Bikes, and Bucks fundraiser Feb 10 (Sunday). At Broken Ear Drum Brewery, San Rafael.
Small world out there: the mycologist who convinced me to hospitalize myself back when I was eating poison mushroom souffle (another blog, look up…er, I forget)….she’s the mother of the pub owner, Noah…very nice person, hope to talk fungi with her in a few weeks.
But the burglars (or the detectives)…If anyone were to overturn my “Shocking Augh” room, I wouldn’t even know it.
What to do?

~ by jacquiephelan on January 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dedicated Follower of Trashin’”

  1. NOt to self: you forgot to leave directions and street address for the burglar!

  2. Interesting. I wonder how widespread an anthropomorphic attitude about objects is?? Certainly I find myself thinking about how an object might feel unwanted or rejected. And one of the responses to the Queen of Glean article (which was excellent by the way) referred to wanting to honor any object that came their way. In wanting to care for the world I guess some of us recognize the cost of creating an item and don’t want that cost to have been for naught. Hence we try and find ways to save, re-use, recycle, etc., all the things we have or find ourselves in possession of. There must, however, be ways short of inviting burglars to your house!
    Maureen is working her way through the Queen of Glean article but hasn’t yet figured out who wrote it. I’ll let her know later. How do you know the Adirondack chair is from the 50’s? I’m so jealous, I love Adirondack chairs.

  3. Argh.. I wish to attend the Bruise Bikes & Bucks, but I’ll be at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Portland (NAHMBS). Alas, I’ve not figured a way to be in 2 places at once (or preferably, 3), so alas, I shall miss that soiree. Will you be in attendance Mrs. Phelan?

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