Get Out The Door

Adventure is just a scone’s throw away!

It has come to our attention that a certain formerly wildish wombat is not leaving the site of her computer. Since ‘breaking down and buying’ highspeed access, there is nothing I’d rather do than…er…you all know this already.
So I’m gonna head out in the rain to see if I can pry myself away.

I believe I have enough control over my actions to do this. Otherwise…I’ll have truly broken down.
Whenever I see people pushing babies instead of letting the three year olds get some walking practice I worry that the next generation of humans won’t get outdoors for anything except to climb into some other thing with doors!

Some noisy poisonous thing. That takes them to some other place with more doors.

AUGH. I know, the mommies and daddies are trying to get somewhere a bit faster than a three year old can walk, and at least they are not in a car…but won’t the kid just get used to being carried, pushed etc?

Bicycles don’t have doors. They inspire you to believe you are the very agent of your locomotion (even though they modestly admit that they help with ‘efficiency’).

If I don’t pull away from the computer which has become a siren singing its little ‘bing’ mail-waiting song, I will become sedentary, ethereal, and blind. Who’s loooking into the neuro-optics of computer gazing (assuming more than an hour or two a day).

Til next post, pals.

~ by jacquiephelan on January 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Get Out The Door”

  1. So very true. May all of us have the power to leave the keyboard every now and then.

  2. The world would be a lot better if there were fewer doors…

  3. So true. I’ve been sitting here catching up on older postings due to a bug I caught. I’m afraid I’ll have to contend with stepping away from the ‘puter and forcing myself outside again. Oh,how I’ve become content here!

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