Dear Reader/Riders

Thank you so much for the kind attention of the last two months.
Somehow you keep returning to the blog (I am touched).
This fact has me twirling around the kitchen thinking, “I’m understood”.
Can I trust this feeling? Is it good to feel so baselessly elated?
Sure, if you grew up in a healthy system. Where I grew up, elation was often followed by a humbling jab, dealt by the wolves I was raised by.
Musta been a bit jealous of unwarranted juvenile joy.

With fifty or so Perfect Strangers, it’s so much easier.
You’re saying, “Right. . You’ve been free associating since September!”
Ahhh, risk IS my middle name. Plus I’m a sucker for correspondence.
You’d think my spool-a-day rate means writing a capital b Book would be easy.
Well it isn’t; I’ve muffed it for at least a decade!!
Those divots in the concrete driveway are me tripping on my tongue, chinning the ground, and having to get back up, and dust myself off, and say: “It’s not the endo the world if I don’t produce a flipping book”.
Welll, thanks to a host of mentors ranging from Kay Ryan to Carol Cunningham, but mostly the dashing Chdot, I AM making a book. I think.
Oh, yeah, an’ Richard Ballantine is another mentor. An’ Chip Mefford. And you, and you, and U.
The project is underway.
In true Alice B. tradition, I’ ve needed some distractions to take pressure off the production of Said Book (no, it’s not a novel, it’s a lightweight book on Women Who Love Bicycles or something Like that. Maybe ‘the year of the wombat”. Maybe I should have a title competition…)
ANyhow, the first distraction was the little velveteen chapbook I called my ‘Amuse Buch”. That took well under 24 hours to produce (see side photos, and earlier blog).
Now, with pressure continuing to build around the “real” book, another nice distraction presented itself.
An art calendar. In less than 24 hours.
And an ode to ‘brinksmanship’, one of my strong suits.
Strong, and in my birthday suit.
Today, prizewinning photographer Anne Cutler and I decided to produce a calendar using the mudshots we made last week.
Nostra donna del fango (Mudwoman in Italian) will be a reality thanks to Lulu publishing, whose existence was made evident twice by serial organizer Chris Hill of Edinburgh. I grasped it upon the second hint.
Owing to the mud in my ear, I have to hear stuff more than once.

Come next week the calendar will be published, just in time for my 52nd lap around the sun.
Hence, “Birthday Suit”.
You can have this for yourself. Like me, it will NOT BE CHEAP.

Other important dates Anne’s birthday, our husband’s bd. No excuses for anyone to forget. And: full moons, plus the all important red letter date –August 23rd of the SSWC08 in Napa) Not to mention certain celestial events (solstice, etc). Ah, the photos…there will be at least a dozen shots oozing with good taste. Yes, they’re All Of Me.
Why not take?

Isn’t this a little uh, late in life to be chasing after that sort of fame, JP?
Charlie put it more simply: “Only pictures of you? Has anyone ever done that before?”
“Well, Marilyn Monroe did it…I think that’s about it” I replied sweetly.
Hmm, maybe I AM an egomaniac.

Riders, even though I called you “dear” and stuff, you are under no pressure to purchase my muddy monument to my massive ego. has a clever way to make them available without having to, ahem, lay out the scary 4,000 clams you need to do a work-of-art calendar.
For a mere (double the cost of production) you get to have (far fewer calendars, but also fewer headaches) restful nights.

I like the idea of spreading the burden around, which makes you, esteemed multitude, the beast that has to haul..what? My ego? My message? No, MY CALENDAR.
You get to haul it home (along with the dozen others you got, the star wars one, the Edvard Munch one , the Golden Age Of British Rail one, etc) to wrap up for the several people you know who would DIE to have such a cool 2008 calendar.
Cheers and a batty holiday season to you all. I am scrivileged to be sharing cyberspace with you.

~ by jacquiephelan on November 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dear Reader/Riders”

  1. Jacquie, I always enjoy reading your take on things, it gives me a different perspective on things. Why be normal (boring) when you can be different (alive). Good Luck with your book project.

    lot’s of smiles…

  2. Jacquie — please keep us all posted as to The Book’s Progress.
    I love the way you write because I imagine (having only met you in person once I have little to really go on here) that this is similar to the way you talk a great deal of the time. Streaming Consciousness expressed verbally is beautiful. You have to listen very fast and hope you got it all.
    Keep writing, PLEASE-OH-PLEASE.

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