Mushroom soup–again?!

In which the author remembers that she nabbed four pounds of fine crimini mushrooms from “Back Door Caterers” on Saturday en route to Mother In Love’s.

And ignores them until (gasp) Monday. Plastic bags for mushrooms are a terrible idea, but luckily since I’m un-thorough as well as forgetful, the bag is totally open to the air, and the barely-alive shrooms have kept their bounce.

Chopped ’em all up this evening around five thirty, threw ’em in a pot (a find from garage sale last summer….we lost a lovely old bat whose stunning tulip patch and magnificent fig tree will have to fend alone for awhile. Old houses sit un-bought a long time hereabouts…but about the pot…It’s a forties-era Revereware stock pot. Sent my inferior one back to the thrift shop and now cherish hers, taller, stronger copper bottom, better plastic compound in the handles..Alles gute)

Er, yah the sizzling shrooms in butter/olive oil blend…rosemary salt, grind a few reps of pepper, then go excavating for…some chicken stock. Hack out a chunk from a a battle-scarred Tupperware container that’s squatting illegallly on Charlie’s freezer shelf.

Our Sunfrost freezer (=ecologically sound, shame about the wimpy capacity) is like the two Koreas. We each have our own sovereign territory, and then the middle shelf is where each of us jealously watches what gets put there. Somehow, the way the US does to other countries, I have installed bases of frozen gleanberries (and homegrown blackberries), turkey legs, and soup stock in the Zone of Debate, none of which the citoyen (=husband) asked for.

The “give and take”, rather mostly “occupy and defend” dynamism of a long term relationship.
Um. You want the soup NOW?

It needed twenty minutes for the mushrooms to saute and release their great essence..ok,
Throw in the chickenstock iceberg. Pour in a pint of super rich milk, thank you very much Delano’s. Sploosh of sherry, adjust the salt…and…oh, those big mushrooms should be blendered. OK, dinner will be two minutes late (loud noise emanates from room where blender is)…there!

Serve with two warm flour tortillas.
And a glass of the decanted wine from the Night At The Bioneers Conference. Oh…I didn’t tell you about that?
Got a minute?

~ by jacquiephelan on October 23, 2007.

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