Whaddya mean, ya don’t need no stinkin’ badges?!


OF COURSE YOU DO. Nothing says “I’m cool” like an embroidered badge that no one has ever seen before. Sew or pin ’em on your camel-bak, your fanny pack (sorry, Brits), your jeans pocket, your left cheek, and get extra credit for getting pairs to iron onto longsleeve shirt’s shoulders and scare your riding buddies by looking faintly MMWDranger-esque..until they lean in and read distinctly non-authoritarian messages in bright colored thread:

“Live Long & Perspire”
“Eat, Drink & Be Muddy”
“So Many Trails, So Little Time”
“Women’s Mountain Bike & Tea Society”
a) road sign (+”5km”)
b)world beat
“Alaska Women Are Out Spoken”
Each of these can be found on the wombats’ website Shopping Spree:
You can use either PayPal or cheque
The wombats trousseau also includes tee-shirts, tea towels and stickers.
If you ask, I can even pull together a Crashmere or Merino Wool Custom Hypothermia Garment!
(Talk to me about it)
Ever yrs,
The screamstress at Wombats HQ

(The on-line payment system produced with assistance from Chris at ChangingPace)

~ by jacquiephelan on October 12, 2007.

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