Dewar’s Profiles in Rattiness


Name:Franco Snifferelli
Occupation: Film Director
Last Book Eaten: I Lost It At The Movies by
Pauline Squael
Greatest Accomplishment: A tasty film ratdaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Chewliette”, Starring Olivia Fuzzy and Largenard Whiterat.
Hobby: Giving myself a pedicure between scenes
Why I do What I Do: Because if I didn’t shred the classics, and feed them piecemeal to the public….. you KNOW they’d never see Shakespeare! Rats are always underrepresented and maligned in the movies. I aim to change that.
Profile: Slightly more ratund than Hitchcock, and always seated.
Beverage: Dewar’s Black Label with a twist….of celluloid.

~ by jacquiephelan on October 10, 2007.

One Response to “Dewar’s Profiles in Rattiness”

  1. oh yes, now I remember these things we wrote .. I think maybe they were for the Rat, Mouse and Hamster Society newsletter that I edited for a while?
    – Lynne

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