An Aphorism In Time Saves Skin

A WOMBATS dozen tips for women who love mud

1) You’re never totally out of the woods –L’Austin Space

2) A bike tire in the sun is worth two in the bushes –Byrne Doubt

3) Live long & perspire — Sal Teen

4) Nobody said you had to ride everything–Heike Bike

5) A gentle cough in time saves nine hikers’ nerves–Dorothy DeMure

6) Momentum is your friend–Rhea Lax

7) A moment lost in thought at speed can be costly indeed-Paia Tension

8) Women who love mud too much should clump together-Carmen DeNominator

9) When in doubt, go down a gear and pedal it out–Lena Little

10) A bicycle battalion is a bummer on the trail–but a string of pearls is welcome anywhere–Jess B. Kind

11) Where there’s a WOMBAT, there’s a way –Dewey DeWitt

12) Skidding is for dwids–Faye Traction

~ by jacquiephelan on October 10, 2007.

One Response to “An Aphorism In Time Saves Skin”

  1. Hey, I just noticed that no one is commenting.

    Well, I read this stuff daily, and I really enjoy it. So, ABT, keep it up! It’s fun!


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