Forever Joshing

Josh is now 30ish, but Charlie and I met him and his pal Paul on a gray New Year’s Day, 1993. Charlie had noticed some helmeted riders circling in the street below us, and when I went to open the door, there was a young man standing at the door.
“Is this the house of JP and CC?” he asked.
” Wasn’t sure….we knew the neighborhood but not the house. We are writing a story for our magazine “Strange Chicken” and would like to interview you”.
“Sure, why not come out to the Airstream of Consciousness, that shiny thing in the yard..I’ll make us some tea…”

And thus did novice celebrity stalkers Paul Walker and Josh Thayer enter our lives.
There is way too much to narrate now. I just want to point you the reader to Josh’s blog: itsmorefuntocompute.

I’m stoked because he is really our sudo-kid, having fledged from churlish college rower to articulate middle-aged Contributing Citizen. Yes, middle aged. It starts at thirty. Ends at sixty. Enjoy the longest phase of your lives, o readers! If you squint at his fun blog (he’s been doing this forever. I’m the fledgling now, huh?) you’ll see very cool pix of his frame building project(s) and a lovely interior monologue as he welds and cuts, files and fits.

If only he had trained at Charlie’s shop! Then he could put it in his resume…well, there’s always coming over for an hour or two, and then putting it in yr resume….so many guys that haven’t even built a bike have claimed they “apprenticed” at Charlie’s magical shop.

At least you’re building real bike frames.
Try not to let this one get swiped, OK, Josh?
Just because you built it doesn’t mean it “grew on a tree” (Chas’ favorite term for the mistaken belief of others, who seriously seem to think that Charlie goes out into our shabby yard and yanks a frameset out of the Aluminum Tree!
Stay metallurgical, and always remember: Reagent Pure.
Oh, and guid luck in tomorrow’s psychlocross race in Fairfax.

~ by jacquiephelan on September 29, 2007.

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